Oli Freke

Tech House / Techno / House

Oli Freke is a music producer who’s had success in a wide variety of musical fields. He’s performed live at Glastonbury Festival, The Big Chill, Brixton Academy, Hammersmith Apollo, Heaven, and many other music venues and festivals.

His current project sees a return to his first love - dance music - and is focussed on house / tech-house / techno. He has already had a string of successful white label releases:

  •  Line-1
    Three weeks on the Music Week Upfront Club Top 40 Chart (2014)
  • Para da Gracinha
    Four weeks on the Music Week Upfront Club Charts  (2015)
  • Space Power Facility
    8/10 Brandon Block ‘Main floor mayhem’ (2015)
  • You’re the Reason
    9/10 Julian Amour (Pascha), ‘Amazing track’
  • Tear it all Down
    Reached #38 on Music Week Upfront Club Charts

Releases are planned throughout 2016 and crucially – a live PA.

The live set is an hour’s journey through house and tech-house, but with the focus firmly on dance-floor grooves, accessible melodies and an innovative approach to sound design. It will be more than just a DJ set - there will be live material played on a vintage Moog and Ableton Live/Push will be fully utilised to keep things fresh, both for him and the crowd.

Oli’s previous outfit Contact Assist was hard-house/trance duo regularly appearing at Heaven, The Cross, Brixton Academy, and other London club venues in the late ’90’s/early 2000s. Tracks on their label ‘Medikal Records’ were a staple on the scene.

His subsequent electropop band Cassette Electrik released two albums and toured with the Human League on their 30th anniversary Dare tour, as well as appearing at The Big Chill.

In addition, Oli has honed his rhythmic skills by playing Brazilian drums with London group ‘Maracatu Estrela do Norte’, playing innumerable gigs and festivals including Glastonbury 2005. 


Photographer: MM

Musician: Oli Freke