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A Tiny Musical Gift

he tiniest I could find.

You know when you write a little song that you were quite pleased with once, recorded onto a cassette tape multi-track (yep that’s 2 stereo tracks or 4 of mono) and were rather fond of?

But the recording is long lost – last seen floating around on a C90 near the end of the last century. A shame, but that’s the way it is sometimes….music is a transitory experience and wasn’t meant to be frozen in time on wax cylinders and vinyl and kept on magnetised bits of chrome or magnesium.

Anyway, given all the above, imagine how pleasant is to find this very same song right at the end of a very long mp3 of the soundtrack to Orfeo Negro, which in itself was a recording of a scratchy record onto cassette that I for some reason recorded into the computer at some point.

The song which I’m going on about = and which is no longer hypothetical, but a real and actual song thing called ‘Honeymoon’ – well, it must have been on that original cassette and luckily didn’t get recorded over by the awesome samba of that film.

It was so nice to find, I thought I’d stick up on the internet where it could be ignored by up to 100 billion people!

So, without any further tremendous dollops of ado, here is ‘Honeymoon’ by Subset:


Vocals: Mina
Gorgeous chorused guitar: Des (yes the very same current bassist of Cassette Electrik)
Wonky Moog: Oli
Wonky arhythmic drum programming: Oli
Partial and frequently wandering attention to standard western tuning and harmony: yep – that was Oli.
‘you were curious’ vocal sample: Some chick sampled off Star Trek given to me in 1991 by massive Star Trek fan Looptron.

You know, I think there’s a good song in there somewhere (and I mayjust have been listening to Stereolab at the time…)