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Top 10 synth presets article

I should have thought of writing this! A not-geeky-at-all* article on Music Radar on the top 10 synth presets of all time:

Top Ten Synth Presets Of All Time - Music Radar

*except a lot geeky

Before reading it, I thought I'd have a go at predicting the choices. Spoiler alert - I only got 3 out of 10 - go back to synth school Oli! 

My predictions before I read the artlcle were: 

  1. Roland Juno 2: #69....What the? ('The Sound of the Hoover')
    As a veteran of the late 90's hard house scene, this was a staple of the genre. Originally debuted on 'Mentasm' by Joey Beltram, it was such an important sound that I had a Roland Juno 2 to generate it authentically - with the external programmer box as well.
    Now available as various VST plugins for your DAW...

  2. TB-303: Not sure if this counts as a preset. The whole machine is the sound...

  3. Roland TR-808: Kick drum, clap, snare, and above all cow-bell. Again, not really a preset as such. I expect they mean digital synths that have recallable sounds. 

  4. Roland D-50: DigiNativeDance. Was used all over the place for a while - I remember it as the last sound of the Grange Hill theme tune (not the brilliant original theme tune, one of the later worser ones)

  5. Roland DX-7. One of the electric piano sounds? I didn't have DX-7, but know that this was the classic sound off of off it (sic). 

  6. Korg M1: the organ sound used in all house records

  7. Korg M1: the Italilano piano sound used in all house records

The RESULTS are in - how did I do?

  1. YES! I am a genius.

  2. No..not a preset machine, obvs.

  3. No..also not a preset machine, obvs.

  4. YES! I am a genious

  5. YES! (though I didn't know the patch name)

  6. Should be on the list..

  7. Should be on the list...

What else was on the list? You'll have to read the article!