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Electronically Yours Vol. 1

Well, it’s been a little while in the making, but is well worth the wait. With our track ‘The Smartest Bomb’ in the honoured position of #3, preceded by Client, we urge you to purchase this collection of brand new female fronted electropop.

Available from http://www.undorecords.bigcartel.com/product/cdun14-various-artists-electronically-yours-vol-1-2cd


Unlike Little Boots, Lady GaGa, La Roux, et al, this is music written, produced and promoted by the artists themselves – without the help of major labels. (eg, Little Boots co-writer is Greg Kurstin – look him up and decide for yourselves how much Victoria Boots actually wrote herself….Greg on Wiki)

Anyway…I digress slightly! This is a collection of new electro produced by people with a passion for what they do and is the brainchild of Orac ofLeague-Online, a man with a passion for all things electro and prepared to release an album to prove it!


EMI Press Release:

Here it is – the release of Electronically Yours “EY Volume 1”, possibly the most significant collection of new electronic pop music since 1981’s “Some Bizzare Album” which launched the recording careers DEPECHE MODE, SOFT CELL, THE THE and BLANCMANGE. Featuring synthly the best new acts on Planet Earth, “EY Volume 1” has been pre-programmed for your listening pleasure!

Electronically Yours started life as a blog in tandem with Secrets Online, both in celebration of synthesizer pioneers THE HUMAN LEAGUE. The thrill of electronic music merged the two sites into one. But then in late 2006, the discovery of Greek electro-maidens MARSHEAUX changed everything…

EY webmeister Rob Windle (AKA Orac)’s belief in the duo’s wonderful analogue synchronicity and Eurocentric charm led to them headlining the first ‘EY Night’ for their live UK debut in London and the aftermath was an enthusiastic union with Undo Records to bring you this CD. Only one condition was specified…all the tracks had to be ‘really good’!

“EY Volume 1” perfectly captures a fantastic moment in time. The last 24 months have seen a resurgence in what is known to many as ‘electropop’. In the past, it was the mainstay of boys with their toys who were prepared to play the role of ‘outsider’ in yesterday’s tomorrow. What has revitalised the genre without a doubt are the feisty, glamourous ladies who are not only fronting the music but are helping to create it too. No electropop puppets here! 21st Century electro is fresh BECAUSE of the female voices… 80s synth pop never sounded this sexy!

So taking the lead from 21st Century female-fronted electronic acts LADYTRON, GOLDFRAPP and MISS KITTIN, this brilliant compilation brings together the best of ‘neu musik’ for those who still love the sound of synth.

No guitars here and frankly who cares?