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As extensively covered by the papers it’s voting time tomorrow: Thursday 4th June.

So as a responsible subject of the United Kingdom, I urge you to vote in this important event – the Virgin Shorts Short Film Competition into which Gav & Jas have entered their film ‘Unto Others’.

As I can’t seem to embed the video here you’ll just have to watch the one minute masterpiece on the Virgin site:


Go! Vote it the full five points and make them win!

Oh, disclaimer… I wrote the end music. I thought I better mention that in case Igot in Big Trouble for my vested interest.

Geeking and Popping

Armed with only some sinewaves, a vintage valve oscilloscope, the Flippers and an incurable fascination with visualising sound a thing has been produced. It is a sort of musical thing with a sort of visual thing.

It’s been accepted into the virtual festival GeekPop.

You can see it here: http://geekpop.podbean.com/2009/experimental/onrails

It’s like an amazing rock video without the rock. You’ll love it because it’s lovely.